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A & M Distribution is the last e-tailer you’ll ever need. From brand awareness and protection to listing optimization and photography services, we provide everything you need to make your brand and products a success on online marketplaces. We work with suppliers across a variety of niche industries and have demonstrated success in putting products in front of an increasing number of Internet shoppers.

Brand Awareness

Better market shares through targeted keyword and pay-per-click optimization; expanding into other marketplaces

We will research and select the keywords potential customers are searching for, which will also be incorporated into your listing content. Targeted PPC drastically increases your chances of showing up in search results and puts you in front of a bigger audience.

Additionally, we can expand your brand’s visibility in numerous marketplaces, such as Amazon, Sears, Ebay, and Etsy. We follow up with all customers in a timely manner and gather reviews and feedback to help conversion rate. We communicate to you all feedback concerning customers’ suggested improvements.

Brand Protection

MAP enforcement to protect your products’ value

Sellers driving your price down devalue your brand and product, and hurt your rankings. We will regularly screen for and alert you to anyone not respecting your MAP policy.

Professional Photography

High-quality images following marketplace guidelines

Shoppers’ buying decisions are so heavily weighted on what they see. We are familiarized with the image requirements laid out by Amazon and other marketplaces. Capturing high-resolution images of your products from numerous angles in front of a white background, we can make them more visually appealing and enticing to shoppers everywhere.

Optimized Copywriting

Product titles, descriptions, and bullet points catered to increased conversions

A quality product listing will have detailed but concise content, thoroughly optimized with targeted keywords and searchable phrases. We will align these with your back-end search terms for cohesively optimized listings.

Resolving Duplicate Listings

Consolidating fragmented listings to protect sales rank

Numerous listings for the same product, as well as products with variations that are split into different listings, hurt sales ranks and put your listing in front of fewer eyes. We will consolidate these listings so they appear more cohesively to potential buyers.

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